Writing Assignment

Last updated: 6 Nov 2018

Assignment in Short

  • The assignment should be written in groups of max. 3 students.
  • Sign up to a group on Blackboard
  • Use this word template for the assignment: Download.
    (Replace the "XX" in the filename with your group number, e.g. group 3 replaces XX with 03)
  • Maximum 2000 words
  • Maintain 1.5 line spacing
  • Handing in though canvas

Deadline for blog outline: Sunday, November 11, 23:59
Deadline for final article: Tuesday, November 27, 7:00

The Way Forward

After you have reviewed our comments and revised your article, we will post your final text on VoxVU.org. To ensure that this happens smoothly, we ask you to do the following:

  • Use the the template we have provided on VoxVU.org: Link to template
  • Optional: You can add pictures of yourselves with 1-2 lines of description. These will be displayed next to your article.
    • Make sure that the pictures have 200px height and 140px width.
    • Format can be JPG or PNG.
    • Put the pictures with description at the end of the word document.
  • Your final document should look like this: Link to example
  • Upload your final text (one word document) on blackboard by Tuesday, November 27, 7:00

Original Assignment

Part of understanding is being able to present your findings. In many cases, getting the form right is just as important as the actual content. Findings can be presented in many ways. For example as an academic article, a thesis, a Powerpoint or a column. In this writing assignment you will contribute to the leading policy oriented blog VoxVU (www.voxvu.org)

Banks are confronted with new transformation developments and challenges in the financial sector. Banks operate in a fast-changing world, facing the many changes and challenges it brings. Transformation has become daily business. This blog contribution focuses on what this implies for banks.

Question to tackle could be:

  • What are the most important changes?
  • Is sustainability, regulation such as PSD2 and or big data important?
  • What will banks look like in 5 or 10 years?


The assignment should be written in groups of at most three. Please use the appropriate sign up tool on Blackboard.

Note that a non-compulsory lecture on writing (see canvas announcements).

Please include a brief section at the end of your blog with background information consulted (books, papers etc.). This should also include the – say – 5 references you did not quote but which were useful.


Category Points Explanation
Prerequisite Language 25
  • Spelling, word usage, consistency (e.g. referencing)
Structure 20
  • Is there a logical ordering to the note?
  • Is the reader guided through the sections and paragraphs?
Layout 5
  • Is the overall appearance in line with what I would expect from a piece in this style?
  • Does the layout support the line of reasoning?
Meat Argumentation 40
  • Do the arguments put forward make sense?
  • Are they complete?
  • Is the argumentation more than just successive abstracts?
Result Effectiveness 10
  • Does the narrative convince me?