Banking in a Disrupted World

Student articles of the Financial Markets and Institutions class of 2018

Climate Change in the Banking Sector: A ‘Tragedy of the Horizon’

Eva Mynott

The Threat of the Internet to Banking: The Monsters Lurking in the Shadows

Joris Flipse, Wandy Kalk

From spaghetti code to the cloud

Jeroen van Herwijnen, Reinier Van Hessen, Merel Vrolijk

Banking in a disrupted world: The impact of blockchain technology on the banking system

Alexander Lips, Douwe Werkema

Will Ripple takeover cross-border transactions?

Kristóf Hajdú, Konrád Widder, Gabriel Valenzuela

Interbank Communication: a Ripple in the ocean?

Mees Vlasveld, Jeroen van Leeuwen, Jesse Koster

Banks vs cyber criminals: who is the fastest in the FinTech world?

Meilina Hoogland, Marlieke Ruissaard

Automation in Banking, will there still be new hires for your job in 2025?

Tolga Çelebi, Jens de Jong, Benjamin Oosterom

Trust in FinTech grows among millennials

Hamid Afantrous, Robin Van Vliet, Joyce Xue

What is the underlying cost of saying goodbye to cash?

Daniela Zamora Uribe, Carl van Roon, Liselotte van Unen