Are the Banking and Capital Union Good or Bad for Financial Markets?

Student articles of the Financial Markets and Institutions class of 2017

European Deposit Insurance Scheme: Necessity, or will the North bail out the South again?

Lennart Vos, Nick Finson

The Banking Union: What will the future hold?

Just Formanoy, Jort Van der Horst, Bob Van Alphen

Germany – complete or counteract the European banking union?

Carlo Beks, Thomas Smal, Hidde Prijs

The Capital Market and European Banking Union: do SME’s get left behind or taken in hand?

Nick Bootsma, Pepijn Meewis, Quinten Faijdherbe

Shall the investment bank warmly welcome the birth of CMU?

Wai Sang Cheung, Fang Wang

The rise of populism in the EU: should banks run?

Rosalie Van der Weide, Yvonne Bouhuizen, Laurèl Borggreve

Capital Market Union: Unlocking Funding for European Growth

Margaux Rensink, Laura de Beer

A Good Deal for Germany?

Tiernan Albanese, Sebastian Schneider, David Brouwer

Divided we stand, together we fall?

Pim Burgers, Thierry Davelaar, Elvan Toygarlar

The Effect of Brexit on the Banking in Financial Markets

Konstantinos Svintzos, Ding YuPei, Liu MengYang