About VoxVU

VoxVU.org – FMI's policy portal – was set up in January 2017 to promote "research-based policy analysis and commentary by leading FMI students". Financial Markets and Institutions (FMI) is the core course of the VU's Master of Finance program. VoxVU's audience consists of economists working in the public sector, private sector, academia and media – as well as students of economics in the broad sense. VoxVU columns cover all fields of economics broadly defined and is widely read. In this post-fact world we can say that the site receives millions of page views per month. It's HUGE.


Most VoxVU columns are commissioned directly by the Editor-in-Chief, but VoxVU does post a few unsolicited columns.
  • Leading economists who are interested in writing a “research-based policy analysis and commentary” should send a few lines describing the possible column and its research basis to:iman.van.lelyveld@vu.nl
  • The submission should include information on the author(s)’ current and past affiliation(s), economics degrees or experience, and the URL of the author(s)’ current webpage.
  • FMI students who would like to submit their blog should follow the instructions here.


The editors reserves the right to not respond to submissions that it considers frivolous. The members of the Board are:
Iman van Lelvyeld
Dieter Wang

VoxVU is looking with admiration at the original VOX EU and the consortium of sites with which it cooperates. The original members were LaVoce (www.LaVoce.info), which provided inspiration for the idea and help from the start, and the French site Telos (www.telos-eu.com) which is now defunct.

See voxeu.org for a complete list of all the sites associated with VoxEU.